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How I Became an Internet Entrepreneur - Part 1

Posted on 6/03/2013 by John Jacobson in Internet Business Internet Entrepreneur Gold Rush Technology Twinhead Durabook ESET NOD32 Snapgear Google Adwords Social Media Marketing History

I’ve just started on a journey into using social media for marketing. Since moving to New Zealand in February of 2011, I’ve become a regular Facebook user, and have really had fun reconnecting with hundreds of people I’ve met over the years, and using it to keep up with what they are doing, and being able to easily let them know what I’m up to. So this has started me on the journey of marketing my business using social media.

Gold Rush Technology started as an IT consulting business aimed at small to medium businesses. I was working as an IT Manager for the Anthony Group. At a review meeting the owner of the company said he was very happy with where I’d brought the IT for the company to, but he also asked if I could go through my department and work out where I could cut costs. Given he wanted to change to a more steady as you go approach, the only obvious choice was to cut me. So I made them an offer to work part-time (mornings), and Gold Rush Technology was born in July of 2000.
Initially I started as doing network support for small businesses.  A few years later  was developed using a CMS that had a shopping cart. I began selling Twinhead Durabooks initially and using Google Adwords to promote my products. I then added ESET NOD32 to the product range, which we still sell. This was followed by Snapgear firewalls. At the time I’d done some research and found only two other online resellers for the Snapgear. I figured that it was a small market to enter. 
So online sales had become a significant sideline to my small business IT consulting, but it was not the main focus. However I was starting to learn about selling online. I’d worked out that the products that suited me where niche products that you couldn’t get from local retail outlets, that weren’t supplied from a wide range of online suppliers, and that were quality products that people recommended to their friends and family.