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How I Became an Internet Entrepreneur - Part 3

Posted on 10/06/2013 by John Jacobson in Internet Business ESET Social Media Marketing QuoteWerks VIPRE DotNetNuke NBStore

The final of my three part post on how I became involved in Internet Marketing, and a Top 10 QuoteWerks Partner.

In 2009 I started looking for a new website platform, because I needed an easier way to get my products from QuoteWerks into the website, and the platform I was using wouldn’t allow me to do that. Maintaining pricelists in two places was too labour intensive for a small home based business.
A friend suggested I investigate DotNetNuke, which I chose because I was familiar with the basic Microsoft technology it used such as IIS and SQL. I found the open source shopping cart NBStore, and started testing the technology to understand it.  Just as I started doing this, I was contacted by a distributor who asked if I would be interested in selling VIPRE antivirus software. I had just been thinking about looking at other AV products other than ESET and realised that www.vipre.com.au was not registered. I registered the domain and www.vipre.co.nz and built two duplicate sites. I found Artisteer as a tool to create the designs for DotNetNuke. It also works for other platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Druple and Blogger as well as DotNetNuke. I also developed a way to extract all my pricing from QuoteWerks to the NBStore shopping cart. Initially I just used CSV import file, then developed a program to create an XML import file which was much more flexible. I built the VIPRE websites, and they have been a great success, with sales approaching nearly $200,000 since April 2010.
I’ve tried some other products on dedicated sites. Some were flops. I tried to sell AV products that offered free versions. This didn’t work at all. I tried a few other products as well. However one of the products I’ve done best with has been QuoteWerks. I’d been officially a reseller for many years, and had a few clients. But I began to use Google Adwords to increase my leads, as well as being sure I was on the QuoteWerks website as a local partner. Sales began increasing, and in 2011 I received two awards from QuoteWerks; Most Improved Partner and Top 10 Partner. I then followed up with Top 10 Partner again in 2012. I have clients all around Australia. From small one man band IT companies, to large multinationals. 
So now I’m launching into the world of social media and blogging. In early January my wife found a sponsored Facebook post that was interesting. The funny thing was the post wasn’t about business at all, but about faith. She found Sandi Krakowski’s website www.arealchange.com/blog  and we both started following her posts and emails. So I’ve now signed up with her SOHO Social Media Apprenticeship. It’s refreshing to find a business coach who is real, who has faith, who isn’t into prosperity rubbish, and has a track record of doing business herself. So I’m looking forward to the challenge of the next 6 months.
You can follow me on this journey by liking my page at www.facebook.com/JohnJacobsonBiz